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Appearances of all sorts


* 06/02/24 Bay Area Book Festival. Details to come! 

* 06/05/24 7 p.m. Green Apple Books on the Park, 1231 9th Ave., San Francisco. In conversation with Woody LaBounty -- founder of the Western Neighborhoods Project, CEO of San Francisco Heritage and an all-around great guy.



* 03/28/24 Palo Alto Books Inc.

* 03/21/24 Conversation on Climate Change with Rebecca Solnit, Brower Center, Berkeley

* 03/10/24 Livermore Public Library 

* 03/07/24 Belevedere Tiburon Library 

* 03/05/24 Berkeley's Books Inc.

* 02/17/24 San Mateo Public Library

* 12/14/23 Live podcast with Jeff Woods of Talking Headways at the Bay Area Metro Center.

* 12/12/23 Book signing, Telegraph Hill Books on Grant Avenue in North Beach.

* 12/07/23 Conversation with Peter Leyden at Shack15 in Ferry Building.

* 12/06/23 Conversation with Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle Live at Manny's

* 12/04/23 Conversation with George Hammond, The Commonwealth Club of San Francisco

* 12/01/23 Berkeleyside Idea Makers with Nico Savidge and Tina Jones Williams, BAMPFA 

* 11/29/23 Conversation with Jasper Rubin, San Francisco Main Library

* 11/16/23 Presentation, The Mechanics Institute, San Francisco

* 11/15/23 Book signing, Rakestraw Books in Danville

* 11/14/23 Book signing, the Book Passage at the Ferry Building

* 11/7/23 Book signing, Bookshop West Portal

* 10/24/23 Zoom presentation, California Historical Society